After you have arrived at the Hall, sign in, put on a concessions apron and your name tag. When the House Manager has finished with the briefing, the Concessions Manager will make specific stand assignments and give any additional information for that performance. Make sure to count back the money to the Concessions Manager to help avoid mistakes later. Go to your assigned stand when instructed.

One Hour Prior to the Performance

Recount all candy, bottled beverages, and logo cups to make sure those numbers agree with the numbers in the "Beginning" column of the inventory sheet. If your count is different, recount once to double check, then make the appropriate change(s) on the inventory sheet.

Remove candy from the bus tubs, display it in the rack provided, and prepare your stand for business. It’s a good idea to pre-pour some soft drinks so you can serve them quickly and efficiently if a large number of patrons wish to purchase drinks at the same time.

Sales will be conducted from one hour prior to curtain until the performance begins and then again during intermission.

Helpful Tips

About five minutes before the performance begins, let the patrons know that they cannot take food or beverages into the theatre. A nice way to handle this is by saying something like, "The performance will be starting in about five minutes, and food and drink are not allowed in the theatre. Would you like to wait until intermission?" You may miss a sale at the time, but because of your thoughtfulness you may make a sale later, and the patrons will appreciate knowing ahead of time rather than when an usher tells them this as they are entering the theatre.

When Performance Begins

Place all candy in the bus tubs and put it under your stand. Do not put candy in the ice carts because it can get wet, which increases spoilage. Try to put everything out of sight.

Take the money with you in your apron. Once your stand is ready and your money tray has been taken care of, you may go into the theatre to watch the performance.

When You Watch a Performance

Please follow these guidelines. If the performance is not sold out, choose an unoccupied seat that you can get to without disturbing the patrons around you. If there are no unoccupied seats, you may stand in the back of the orchestra level. Do not stand or sit in an area that will inhibit the ushers working around you. They must have access to the exits and stairs, so space yourselves out; don’t sit in groups.

Prior To and During Intermission

Ten minutes prior to intermission return to your stand and prepare it for business by displaying candy, etc.

Some intermissions are quite short, so it’s a good idea to pre-pour soft drinks. Many times this will keep you from being overwhelmed by a large thirsty crowd. It’s always better to pre-pour too much than to not pour enough. When we throw away a cup of soda we lose $.04, but if we can’t serve all the patrons in line during intermission, we lose approximately $3.00 per person.  Even if you have 10 sodas to throw away, it’s better at a cost of $.04 per soda than if we lose even one patron's business.

Make sales throughout the intermission, again reminding patrons, as it nears time for the performance to resume, that they cannot take food or drink into the theatre.

After Intermission

Count all remaining bottled beverages, candy, and other items. Record amounts in the "Ending" column of the inventory sheet. Count logo cups and record the number in the "Ending" column. Empty unsold sodas into the drainage bucket under the ice bin and remember to account for "spoilage" cups on the sheet.

Complete all columns on the inventory sheet. You must count money and reconcile the sheet. If your sheet does not balance the first time, recount your inventory and your money and check your figures. If you can't balance after counting the second time, finish breaking down your stand and check out with the Concessions Manager. Wait until the Concessions Manager has counted back the money and dismissed you before leaving. Frequently the Concessions Manager will find the error when computing the sales figure. Do not continue recounting your cash after the second time. The House Managers and Concessions Manager are waiting to put away all concessions and must complete this before the show ends so they can lock up the building.

Empty any remaining ice from the portable cart into the gray ice cart.

Clean off the counters of your stand with the spray cleaner provided. Make sure you turn off the carbonation. Bring the gray ice cart, all candy and cups, and the money, cash tray, and inventory sheet to the concessions garage area and check out with the Concessions Manger or one of the House Managers.

Return you apron and name tag. You may then return to the theatre if you want to see the rest of the performance. Remember your seating guidelines.

Miscellaneous Concessions Information and Tips

  • Say, "May I help you?" and "Thank you!" for every sale. Smile! Make eye contact.
  • Be careful not to point the soft drink nozzle toward a patron. Sometimes it sputters and sprays. Always point it into the cup.
  • Keep money out of sight. Before making change, be sure to take the extra few seconds to state the size of the bill(s) the patron gives you and do it again when you are counting back the change. This will save embarrassment for you and the patron and should eliminate errors. For example: "That's $3.00 out of $20." Then; "$3.00, $4, $5, $10, and $20," as you count back. It's hard to do this when you're very busy, but it's also when you're busy that mistakes happen. Make the effort to take this precaution.
  • House managers will be available on each level. If you have a problem at your stand, signal for the House Manager's help, or have one stand worker find the House Manager on your level. The Concessions Manager will also be roaming.
  • Remember, there are cups designated for volunteer free drinks, and for patrons requesting a cup. These cups should remain separate from your sales cups and should not be counted in your inventory.
  • Each volunteer is entitled to one free soda when they work at a performance.

Concession Stand Locations

Interlude Level 1 - In the Interlude Lobby
Stand 2 Level 2 - In the Lobby, to the right of Juanita K. Hammons's photograph and the pillar.
Stand 3A Level 3 - On the Tier (Orchestra), directly to the right of the Level 3 South Stairs.
Stand 3B Level 3 - On the Tier (Orchestra), in front of the Symphonic Seasons painting, closer to the restrooms
Stand 4 Level 4 - In the Loge Lobby (lower Mezzanine), between the first two pillars on house left.
Stand 5 Level 5 - In the upper Mezzanine Lobby, between the first two pillars on house left.