Elevator Attendant

Your primary position is on level 2 (Grand Foyer) by the box office, but be flexible.  Rarely will you need to leave that position, but if you do, ask one of the ticket takers at the south stair to watch the elevator until you return.

Check patrons' tickets before they enter the elevator.  You may tear off the stubs.  Tell patrons which level they need to go to for their seats, and assist them into the elevator.  Tell them specifically which number to push in the elevator and instruct them to turn to their right when they exit the elevator.  Tell them an usher in a red vest will help them get to the proper side of the Hall.

Seat LocationElevator Level
Orchestra and Loge Box Left Level 3
Mezzanine Rows A-J and Loge Box Right Level 4
Mezzanine Rows K-Q and Petite Box Right Level 5
Petite Balcony Seats 1-30 and Petite Box Right Level 5
Petite Balcony Seats 31 & up and Petite Box Left          Level 6

Review instructions and tips shown for ticket takers.