Coat Check/Information Center

In a nutshell, take messages and answer questions if the phone rings. Check coats, umbrellas, cameras, and pagers. Smile! Use eye contact! Put a smile in your voice!

Check Coats

Coat check and Information Center opens 1 hour prior to curtain. When you arrive, make sure you pre-tag at least one of the coat racks, keeping the claim numbers in order. Hang coats in numerical order when checking them in. This makes it much easier to find coats when the performance is over. A House Manager will provide you with a cash box. Collect the fee of $1.00 (hat, gloves, umbrella included in this price) when checking in the items. Any item that cannot be hung on a hanger should be put on a shelf under the counter with a numbered claim check taped to it. Be sure to give the patron the claim check stub(s).

Check Pagers or Cameras

The Hall requires that patrons check pagers (those that vibrate may be taken into the theatre) and cameras. DO NOT charge the $1.00 fee for this. Tape a claim check tag to the item and give the patron the claim check stub. Patrons who check pagers may ask how they can receive their pages. Let them know that they can check their messages during the intermission. You are not responsible for taking messages from the pager. This is the patron's responsibility.

Information Center

You must remain in the Information Center for the entire performance. If two volunteers are working the Information Center, you may take turns going in to see the performance. When the box office closes, they will forward all calls to Information Center. Answer the phone by saying, "Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts. This is [your name]. How may I help you?" If a question relates to the box office, ask the caller to call back during box office hours (see General Information Page). If the call is an emergency, fill out an emergency message form (located in the Emergency Message Log Book). Tell the caller we will do everything we can to contact a patron so they can return the call as soon as possible. Immediately contact a House Manager by radio. They are responsible for locating the patron. If the call is not an emergency fill out a pink "Important Message" slip and get it to a House Manager who will try to locate the patron at intermission.

Lost and Found

Seating ushers may turn in items they find after patrons have left the theatre. There is a box under the counter for those items. If a patron comes to the Information Center to find a missing item and you don’t see it in the box, take their name and phone number and get a description of the item. If the custodial staff locates the item when they clean the theatre the front office staff will contact the patron and arrange pickup.