Wheelchair Lift Operator

The House Manager will give you the lift key.

The lift will transport patrons from street level (level 2) to level 3 (orchestra). Stand on the upper level side of the lift (nearest the northeast doors) and operate it for any patron with special needs. Be sure to tell nearby seating ushers and ticket takers that you are on duty so they can let patrons know that the service is available.

Operating Tips

The lift will not operate if:

  • The key is turned to the ON position in one of the three panels
  • One of the doors is not fully closed
  • One of the emergency stop buttons is pushed
  • The arrow button is not held down
  • The doors will not open if the lift car is not at floor level. Use arrow button to return the car to a floor level (level 2 or level 3)

All three panels are just alike, and any one of them allows you to operate the lift. Keep the key on your wrist until you need to run the lift, then insert the key and turn it to the ON position. It must remain in that position for the lift to operate.

Be sure you and the patrons use the handrails inside the car while riding.

To assist in opening the door, you may choose to ride along if only one or two patrons are inside the car. If you choose to ride along, use the operating panel inside the car.

Remind patrons to set wheelchair brakes when inside the car.

Tell patrons where the restrooms are and that they may ask the usher in their area for assistance.