You must be familiar with all levels of the Hall and be able to seat patrons in the box seats. If it has been awhile since you were a Splitter, take a few minutes to review the box seats on your level before patrons arrive. (Laminated cards are available at the Information Center giving directions to all seating locations and box seats.)

Splitters are required to stay until after intermission. It is vital that splitters provide help to patrons during intermission. Go back to your assigned area during intermission.

Splitters are responsible for keeping the stairs clear in their area. Politely ask patrons to move away from the stairs if they start to gather there. We need to maintain an open path up the stairs and by the handrails at all times. If a patron refuses to move, get a House Manger for assistance.

Provide detailed instructions for patrons to find their seats by directing them to the correct side of the hall and the correct level. Give directions from the patrons' perspective. For example, say "to your left," or "to the other side of the Hall." Remember that patrons won't understand some of "our" terms, like "house right" or "north doors". It is always helpful to tell them where they are before you tell them where to go. For example: "You’re now on level 3. You need to go to level 4 in the first balcony." It is not your responsibility to take a patron to his seat. It is important that you remain at your station so you can direct as many patrons as possible. However, use your best judgment and always do what is best for the patron's comfort and safety. You will need to make this judgment call on a case-by-case basis.


Level Rows Level
Orchestra All Rows Level 3
Mezzanine Rows A-J Level 4
Mezzanine Rows K-Q Level 5
Petite All Rows Level 6

Note: Generally, seat number 30 is the center of a row, but they can be flexible (for example, center is 23 on front row of Orchestra). If patrons have low seat numbers, they will be on house right; high seat numbers will be house left.

Be sure to stand in the correct Splitter location, and be assertive: ask patrons if they need help; don’t wait for them to come to you.

Answer questions about location of concession stands, restrooms, water fountains, telephones, etc.