Ticket Takers

Ticket Taking Positions

  • South Doors (by Box Office, Cherry Street)
  • Day Lobby (house left, at the bottom of the stairs, in front of the double doors that lead to the small lobby an backstage)
  • East Doors (facing John Q. Hammons Parkway)
  • Northeast Doors (facing Elm St.)
  • Northwest Doors (also facing Elm St., nearest the parking garage)

General Information

Some ticket stations have a box for stubs; others do not.  If there is no box, keep the stubs in your pocket—do not throw them away.  Deposit the stubs in one of the ticket boxes after you are dismissed.

Take a moment to acclimate yourself.  Be aware of where you are in relation to seating in the Hall so you can give concise, brief directions to patrons if necessary.  It is the splitters’ responsibility to be more specific and direct patrons to the proper area of the Hall, so be brief.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Recording devices
  • Food/ Candy
  • Drinks

With few exceptions, those items are not allowed in the theatre.  Patrons may check them for no charge at the coat check counter.

Each patron must present a ticket for an event unless it’s a general admission event.  The only patrons who do not need tickets are children two years and younger.

Unless patrons got to the Box Office first, you are the first contact they have with the Hall!  Put a smile on your face and in your voice.  Be relaxed. Have fun. Visit with patrons if time allows.

If patrons arrive early enough, here are a couple of things you can suggest to them that they might like to know:

The pre-performance lecture (don’t give directions) Artwork on display on various levels Make eye contact and say hello while you take a patron’s ticket.  (If a child is handing you the ticket, you might lean or squat down a little to greet them).

When to Give Directions

If it is early in the evening and no one is waiting behind a patron who asks where to go, it may seem rude not to answer.  Use good judgment and do not hold up the ticket line.  Giving specific directions is the responsibility of the Splitters.  With a smile, simply say something like, “The usher in the red vest at the top of the stairs will help you.”  This phrase works if you are at the south or east doors.

If you are on the Northeast or Northwest doors, sent the patron in the right direction-quickly and simply- by saying something like, “Go through the double doors and to the other side of the Hall.  There are ushers in red vests there to help you.”  Remember that the term splitter won’t mean anything to a patron.  Use the term “usher”.

Types of Tickets*

  • Regular tickets issued by the Hall (including Symphony performances)
  • Seat Location Passes issued by the Hall (handwritten tickets)
  • Springfield Symphony tickets (issued bye the Symphony)

*Ticket examples can be found in the Appendix.

You may also see VIP passes, special student ticket slips, or passes issued by the event sponsors.  Any patron showing you anything other than an approved ticket should go to the box office to exchange the “voucher” for a normal ticket.

Sometimes patrons mistakenly come to the Hall for events held in other locations (Craig Hall, Landers Theatre, Hammons Student Center, etc.).  When possible the House Manager will try to inform you of other events in the area so you may direct patrons to the correct location.

Check each ticket for the correct date and time, even if they are handed to you in a batch.  This is especially important when a show has several performances- sometimes more than one on the same day.  If patrons arrive for the wrong event or on the wrong day or wrong time, politely call it to their attention.  If they want to change their tickets, direct them to the box office.  Hall staff will do what they can to accommodate patrons.  If a patron is upset, find a House Manager.

Box Seats

Direct box seat ticket holders to the nearest Splitter for directions.

Lost Tickets

If patrons say they lost their tickets or left them at home, sent them to the box office.  The box office staff can verify the ticket purchase on the computer and issue a handwritten seat location pass.  Be sure to look carefully at the seat number(s) written on the pass to know how many patrons can enter on the pass.

If you are working at the Northeast or Northwest door and a patron needs to go to the box office, direct them to the nearest Splitter who will take them.  Only take the patron to the box office yourself if it is in your best judgment, the situation warrants it, or if there is no Splitter available.

Miscellaneous Information

Sometimes a patron wants to be seated but has tickets for his/her entire group.  Do not offer to hold the remaining tickets.  Send the patron to the box office to leave the tickets in Will Call with a person’s name.  If a patron says his/her spouse or friend has his/her ticket and he/she doesn’t want to wait to be seated, send him/her to the box office.  The box office will issue a seat location pass.

Sometimes patrons will give you a string of tickets that have not been torn apart.  Be sure to separate them and face them all the same ways so you can bend and tear off the small stubs easily.  If a large group arrives and one person hands you the tickets for the entire group, be sure to explain, as you are separating and tearing the tickets, that every person must have a ticket in had before entering the theatre for seating.  The seating ushers will love you forever if you take care of this now.