Volunteer Guidelines


Volunteers should use the Cherry Street entrance (door nearest the box office) when reporting for duty.


Free parking is available in the multilevel parking garage immediately west of Hammons Hall when there is a performance. When you work a weekday daytime event a one day parking pass will be mailed to you. You must have this prominently displayed in the front window of your car to park in the parking garage.

Time Commitment for the Season

Sign-up sheets for events at the Hall will be mailed to your home and should be returned to the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible. Be sure to write the dates you signed up to work on your personal calendar. You are responsible for knowing when to report for duty. If you have questions about your commitment, you can call the volunteer hotline (417-836-6005) and leave a message for the volunteer coordinator, or check the blue schedule notebook on the Information Center counter to see if your name is listed for any upcoming events. Each sign-up sheet is for a two-month period, and the minimum requirement is to work two events within the two-month period (an average of one event per month). You may work the events as close together or as far apart as you wish during the time. Of course , we encourage you to work more than two events if you have the time. The two-event minimum will keep you up-to-date on any changes in procedure and will assure that you are comfortable working in any area of the Hall.

Time Commitment for a Performance

Volunteers should arrive 1-1/2 hours before curtain time (example: 6:30 p.m. for an 8:00 p.m. show) and sign in at the Information center counter in the Interlude Lobby (level 1) with the House Manager. Find your name tag in the box on the counter and put it on.

Coats and other personal items should be kept in the “cage” to the right of the information center. Precautions are taken for their safety; however, the Hall cannot be held responsible for anything lost or stolen. We ask you to arrive early for a good reason. The first 30 minutes of this time is used by the House Manager to review your assignment and give instructions and information you will need for that performance (such as seating holds and length of the intermission). You need to be at your assigned area an hour before curtain time.

Go to your assigned area as soon as the House Manager instructs you to do so. Do not stay in the Interlude Lobby to visit. You need to be at your assigned area to assist patrons as they arrive.

Cancellation Policy

When you make a commitment to work a performance, we are counting on you to be there. It is very difficult to cover all assignments when even one or two volunteers are absent.

If you have to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. We would appreciate at least one day’s notice if you can. Leave a message on the volunteer hotline (417-836-6005). The hotline is usually answered by voicemail, and messages are checked frequently throughout the day and shortly before a performance. If at all possible, try to get another volunteer to take your place and leave their name on the hotline.

Three "no shows" without calling to cancel means your name will be taken off the active list.

Dress Code

The dress code is very important. It provides a uniform look throughout the group so that you are very identifiable to patrons, especially during an emergency. It can also ensure that we project a professional image.


  • Black pants, white shirt
  • Black shoes (no tennis shoes), dark socks
  • Tie (optional, but must be conservative)
  • In cooler weather black or white cardigan or black suit jacket (optional)


  • Black skirt or slacks, white shirt (no trims, patterns, or piping of other colors)
  • Black shoes (no tennis shoes)
  • Black or white suit jacket or cardigan sweater (optional)

When Your Duty Ends

You may go into see the show or go home when you are released by a House Manager. Refer to the section in the Appendix for specific guidelines.

House Managers

House Managers are MSU student employees. They are responsible for all front of house operations before, during, and after performances. They are your supervisors when you are working at the Hall.

House Managers are assigned to a specific level. They are available to answer questions about performances, Hall policies, your job duties, etc. They are also available to help you handle any problems that may arise during a performance, such as questions about ticketing, seating conflicts, special patron needs, seating holds, and emergencies.

Locating a House Manager

During the pre-performance briefing, the lead House Manager will introduce the other House Managers and tell you which levels they are assigned to supervise.

During the Intermission

Each of the House Managers will be on their assigned level.